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100 x 100 cm

Isabelle Derecque


Embark on a journey into the captivating realm of Isabelle Derecque's multidisciplinary artistry, where design, architecture, and a boundless passion for exploration converge. As she approaches forty, Derecque's life story is intricately woven with a profound love for art and a relentless desire to traverse the globe. Born into the radiant heritage of her grandmother's sunny Florida, her artistic expression blossoms into vibrant escapades to far-off lands.

On her canvases, saturated hues dance across serene landscapes, capturing the essence of tranquil spaces and inviting viewers on a visual odyssey. Architectural perspectives meld seamlessly with the energy of movement, transporting observers to a realm of tranquil beauty and boundless possibility.

Derecque's deliberate choice to paint on mirrors, specifically plexiglass, adds a unique dimension to her creations, infusing them with depth and ever-changing dynamics. As viewers engage with her works, subtle reflections and movements breathe life into the paintings, offering an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Each masterpiece crafted by Derecque is a symphony of visual delight, resonating with echoes of music and fueled by her passion for gastronomy and the eternal pursuit of leisure. Through her art, she aspires to offer viewers a permanent vacation, inviting them to escape into realms of perpetual discovery and wonder.

Born in Brussels in 1984, Derecque's artistic journey has been shaped by her studies at the College of Architecture and Design in Brussels (CAD). Drawing inspiration from her experiences, including a transformative period in London after her studies, she developed a profound sensitivity to light and the allure of gold leaf.

For Derecque, painting on mirrors transcends mere aesthetics—it's an invitation to contemplate the spaces that surround us, to project ourselves into new perspectives, and to curate our own ever-changing environments. In her world, nothing remains static; everything evolves, offering endless opportunities for exploration and renewal. Each viewing unveils a fresh perspective, ensuring that her art is an ever-unfolding tapestry of beauty and innovation.

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