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38 x 38 cm



Vibrant, subtle, inspiring—step into the world of Joséphine, where bold colors and delicate shapes come together to banish the grayness of rainy days. Her art, alive with evolving light, reflects her unique personality and creativity. Each piece is a journey through her emotions and memories, brought to life with a Sanguine Palette that captivates and a Frank Composition that offers a sense of reassuring clarity.

Originally experimenting with various materials, Joséphine has made plexiglas her signature medium. She crafts dynamic photosculptures that blend acrylic paint, concrete, and plexiglas, resulting in works that are both visually stunning and profoundly unique. These pieces transform throughout the day, offering a mesmerizing play of light and shadow that evolves with the changing light.

Experience the enchanting art of Joséphine at our gallery. Let her distinctive vision, vibrant colors, and subtle compositions brighten your day and inspire your imagination. Each visit promises a new perspective, a fresh encounter with creativity, and an unforgettable visual experience.

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