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Past Exhibition



Exhibition: 03.08.22 - 28.08.22


Samuel Nef 

colourful sculptures 


Between balance and imbalance, between strength and finesse, he works for the beauty of lines, the beauty of strokes and speaks of strokes because he expresses himself above all with the stroke of a pencil.
The play of colors subtly applied on the contours as well as in the heart of the work intermingle and transcend the space as well as the sculpture itself to offer a composition with harmonious and balanced proportions that brings a breath of life. The gaze gets lost under each angle and provokes a panoply of emotions. 
Website - Instragram

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-29 at 11.15.55 AM.jpeg

Barbara Cox 

bright creations


Barbara is a young artist who expresses her love of life through eye-catching creations. Her aim is to carry away the person looking at it. Her sensitivity to shapes and bright colors brings her artworks to life. Her inspiration? Her surroundings, nature, architecture and fashion. 




good vibes only


ROXEHA is an association between Roxanne’s nickname, "Rox" and the end of the word "aloha" which expresses many feelings or show signs of affection like love and compassion. All these terms define life and its different energies. The result of ROXEHA is the creation of a universe with funny shaped artwork filled with mandalas, crazy funky characters and asymmetric shapes. It’s a state of mind, an art of positive living!

Website - Instagram


Dominique de Bellefroid 

paintings on Belgian linen 


Through the way she uses colours in gradients or as bold impasto, her intent is to convey a sense of unity, a sense of depth, erasing all borders that a finite object or subject could have wether physically or conceptually in our thoughts.


The work she is presenting here is done with oil sticks on belgian linen. This technique expresses boldness, spontaneity, with intense and clean colour mixes which are directly done on the back of the canvas. The linen catches the paint, certain pigments melt and others resist, covering it less and constantly showing the weave of this fabric, like our common and ancestral root, our red thread.

Website - Instragram

Foto ikzelf met een kunstwerk.jpg

Filip Rottiers

Out of the box paintings


Art because I have to. Where would I be without it, lost, lost in this world, it gives me a place, a home.

The awareness of presence and yet invisible. How can you imagine this? Take the wind as a metaphor for this. In what form do you imagine this in your mind. The wind can be felt with the help of your senses. Visible? It generates movement in tree leaves, rustling.

by using a variety of methods and materials I hope to represent the presence of something invisible under a certain form in the mind of the viewer and so becums a part of it. Facebook - Instagram 

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