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An energy bomb is what Charline wants to bring to Ghent with her contemporary art gallery. By creating each month a unique exhibition with a mix of artists that accentuate each other. The aim is to represent inspiring artists, each with their unique stories. 

The gallery offers to each visitor a good portion of energy, culture and a BIG smile. 

Past Exhibition


DSC_7005 (2).jpg

Veronique Jansseune 

Geometric art 


In a life overwhelmed by stimuli, Véronique tries to turn restlessness into inner peace through colours, shapes and patterns. Feelings and impressions form the basis of her work.  She distils these down to the essence in which shapes take on colour. The colours in turn create patterns and dimensions that repeat themselves over and over again.  A rhythmic and calming process flows from this repetitive act. The results on canvas are geometric, abstract and architecturally oriented works in which a fine dynamic plays between the static and a slow movement.  She paints with great precision and attention to detail.  The works enter into a relationship with the context, they do not end with the physical boundaries of the work. WebsiteInstagram

Sensualité - Bronze - (H)46 x (L)29 (l)9 cm.jpg

Patricia Timmermans

Bronze elegance 


Patricia Timmermans is a self-taught Belgian artist who masters bronze sculptures. Their black patinas give the impression that they are slender, majestic and full of poetry. Working on humans opens up an infinite number of possibilities for aesthetic and emotional treatments. A face, a body, an attitude that inspires, create new ones, far from the model, in his image, image of the unconscious thus materialized. These women are indeed the reflection of herself, the reflection of her soul. It is her deep and intimate nature that shines through in her works, which are laid bare. It is then that the viewer's external and subjective eye can imagine the story, its own story, because the art of portraiture is only a story of encounter. Website - Instagram

bernadette sc.png

Bernadette Schoon

Abstract warmth


Schoon Bernadette, artist name 'Be.eS'. After a career in (para)medical care, she has been studying drawing and painting ever since. Photography and painting define much of the life of 'Be.eS'.  Her works are a constant search for balance, in form and colour. She manages to express a rich variety of intense feelings in a sober, subtle way. She is also very socially-minded and wants to contribute to underprivileged children with the proceeds of her work. All proceeds go to 'TAJO'. Instagram

Manuela Papeians

Manuela Papeians

Sculptor of joy 


Charm & Joy paused by bronze. But is it really paused or does it go on in your imagination? Her hands express the emotions that hide in the depths of her heart. She represents the present moment, a moment of life... beyond the moment, the movement that continues... maybe it's just the life she loves? She expresses the good and the beautiful, like a balm to heal the sorrows of this world or to recall the beauty and the good of this world. Just to please others and herself ... Website - Instagram


Joelle Boismery 

Abstract photography 


Joëlle Boismery is an artist-photographer who is very sensitive to the geometric aspect. Her work is inspired by curves and lines, which can be found in most of her photographs. It is not by chance that her second passion is sculpture, an activity to which she devotes her free time. In photography, she uses colour rather than black and white. She likes to compose with colours, whether they are cameos, very sharp or very strong. 7 years ago, she started a work called "Dreams of Elegance" which allows her to combine curves and colours, lines and harmonies, design and aestheticism, abstract and concrete. Instagram

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-12 at 1.48.55 PM (4).jpeg

Natalie Pleis 

painting on wood 


"Mind over matter", a phrase that represents best her inspiration. Natalie creates paintings on wood. Always abstract with a touch of illusion. The illusion of the sea, dawn, fire, ... Always inspired by nature. The artist uses only natural or metallic pigments applied with a palette, never a paintbrush and never revealing how the painting has been created. Website - Instagram

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