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Past exhibition

JULY '22
Finissage 'drink with the artists' 
29.07.22 : 17:00 - 21:00

Exhibition: 29.06.22 - 31.07.22


Dominique de Bellefroid 

paintings on Belgian linen 


Through the way she uses colours in gradients or as bold impasto, her intent is to convey a sense of unity, a sense of depth, erasing all borders that a finite object or subject could have wether physically or conceptually in our thoughts.


The work she is presenting here is done with oil sticks on belgian linen. This technique expresses boldness, spontaneity, with intense and clean colour mixes which are directly done on the back of the canvas. The linen catches the paint, certain pigments melt and others resist, covering it less and constantly showing the weave of this fabric, like our common and ancestral root, our red thread.

Website - Instragram

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-19 at 2.19.35 PM.jpeg

Augustin Sagehomme

energetic artworks 


His artworks are characterized by a subtle balance between the harmony of shapes and colours, through the use of oil paints and acrylic on canvas. 

Having grown up in natural surroundings, it is within him to find rest and relaxation in that environment.  Augustin believes that nature, is a gift.  One which needs to be taken care of.  The balance in his work is that although he values the beauty of nature he also finds big cities attractive and beautiful. Places where he is enamored by the energetic city-lights, nonpareil architecture and a beautiful cultural diversity.  

Website - Instagram 


Natalie Pleis

painting on wood 


"Mind over matter", a phrase that represents best her inspiration.

Natalie creates paintings on wood. Always abstract with a touch of illusion. The illusion of the sea, dawn, fire, ... Always inspired by nature. The artist uses only natural or metallic pigments applied with a palette, never a paintbrush and never revealing how the painting has been created.

Website - Instagram 



photo compositions 

Through the eye of the lens she brings out details which she then processes into abstract works. The viewer will be given a whole other vision and will use his imagination. The work of art is detached from the original reality, it gets an independent image with its own identity.

Website - Instagram 


Vincent Rousseau

sculptor of different materials 

Stone, bronze, copper, steel, wood and glass. The material is a medium, chosen according to its expressive possibilities in relation to the subject.

The approach of Vincent is essentially to go beyond the representation of reality, or rather the appearance of this reality to say the essential in the simplicity of the form, to restore the spirit, the energy and the emotion in a play of volumes in tension in which straight lines, curves and counter-curves, full and empty dialogue, and which energize the space. And this reality sometimes becomes an abstraction.


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