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Past Exhibition



Rep Ringel

art driven by music


Every paining is made to the sounds of one specific song / track. Rep listens to these music pieces repeatedly while creating the art work. Translating all the layers heard in the music onto the canvas. This unique approach makes the artworks come to life and creates a sense of depth, mystery, and rhythm. Looking at the color pallet Rep worked initially mainly with earth tones, since nature inspires him. However these days not only the element earth is a source of  inspiration, it is the other elements like water, fire and air as well. His paintings are named after the music piece or the musician / composer of that specific song.​ Website - Instagram

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Natalie Pleis 

painting on wood 


"Mind over matter", a phrase that represents best her inspiration.

Natalie creates paintings on wood. Always abstract with a touch of illusion. The illusion of the sea, dawn, fire, ... Always inspired by nature. The artist uses only natural or metallic pigments applied with a palette, never a paintbrush and never revealing how the painting has been created. Website - Instagram


Sanne Terweij

creative chemistry


Guided by colour and texture  she experiments with different gradients and hues to capture the feeling of a fleeting moment and to investigate the effect a colour can have on the psyche. With her roots in creative entrepreneurship as a decorator/artist for hospitality and film industry, she has spent years specialising in aging and patina techniques. She currently focuses on the use of metals such as brass, copper and aluminium. Their reflective surfaces constantly shimmer and change with the moving light and the position of the viewer. Website - Instagram


Philippine Henry De Frahan

paper art


The main idea of her work is to give a second life to books, secretly hoping that the mixture of literary works, the integration of different stories can give birth to a new work, but sculptural this time. We often talk about the beauty of a book by talking about the content, but the "object" can be incredible too. Knowing that her contemporary creations have 'classics' as their raw material amuses her enormously and always feeds her imagination. Instagram


Fabrice Magnée

sculptor welder 


Fabrice Magnée draws his inspiration from observing the people around him. People pass each other, occupy the same space but live different experiences, alone in the world around them. In his sculptures, there are many of these parallel lives. This is how, from a pile of nails, figures emerge, walkers, stilt walkers, isolated or gathered... ". Instinct, chance, I am instrumental in the emotion of studio life. He doesn't tell stories. He distributes images. Yes, it is in that order, his sculptures are images. The public takes them over and each one, with its emotions, rewrites its own story. Website - Instagram

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Goedele Criel 

stone sculptures 


The journey to a final artwork, begins with the discovery of exceptional stones. Her works will come to life thanks to stones such as serpentine, alabaster and other stones that caught her attention. She creates abstract and elegant shapes that will evoke many feelings of admiration. 

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