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Past Exhibition



Tiline Courcelles

full of vibrations


Her abstract paintings are creations in search of a privileged alliance between matter, forms and light, full of intense vibrations between colours. Her colourful universe gives off atmospheres and rhythms full of imagination and freedom. This deeply personal path leaves the observer the choice of their own interpretation in front of abstract images which can then become signs for them...

Website - Instagram

MEDITATION H 30 X B 40 1650€.jpg

Sophie Rubbens

artist of the fabrics 


At an early age she became fascinated by fabrics. She edits, models, sharpens, cuts and sews them together with other materials to make a work of art. This gives her peace and energy to go on. Each work reflects a personal story. Website - Instagram 



tribal art and scrapes 


A Belgian painter with an extraordinary sense of imagination and creativity, Gotiez currently presents two series SCRAPES and TRIBAL MAPS. The canvas is built up in successive layers to reveal itself only in pieces of torn paper. Colourful, enigmatic, it leaves an important place for interpretation and discovery. The second series presented, Tribal Maps, refers to the maps that the tribes drew on the sand to define their hunting territories. His approach is raw, borrowing certain attributes of calligraphy but where the perfect gesture has given way to a dented line representing semicircles, signs of infinity and hope. Website - Instagram 

Schermafbeelding 2022-08-26 134349.png

André Rousseau

abstract sculptures 


André Rousseau goes beyond the representation of reality, or rather the appearance of this reality, to express its essence in the simplicity of form, to restore its spirit, energy and emotion. This transformation, this mutation - one could sometimes speak of transcendence - of the real form allows him to express its quintessence in a game of assembly where straight lines, curves and counter-curves, solids and voids interact.  With the magic of dynamics in space as well. 

8535051e-a114-43b7-8efb-e116e064abfb (004).jpg

Laetitia De Meyer 



Artworks full of meaning and full of texture.

Recovered objects are her main field of exploration. Laetitia likes to give a second life to damaged objects, to pairs of gloves or lonely socks. She diverts objects that have lost their original purpose, such as packaging, She collects and uses everyday objects, what she finds on her walks, objects collected in her surroundings and by word of mouth, sometimes even with anecdotes like a child's first ski glove, lucky socks with holes in them,... Website - Instagram

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