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Upcoming Exhibition



2 - 4 & 9 - 11 Dec.

from 11:00 until 19:00


30.11.22 - 01.01.23


Olivia de Posson 

Deep. Vibrant. Intuitive Movement.


Olivia is an Energy artist. Light is her language; bypassing words to communicate directly with the soul. The high vibrations she receives carry bliss. She lets them diffuse, through her whole being, before conveying them through her hands. COLOR stands for the life force. The vibrant energy nourishing our souls. MOVEMENT stands for the flow. The freedom that allows magic be part of the play. Olivia perceives art beyond the object. It’s about touching people. Unveiling the living spirit within. Opening hearts to work alongside brains. Unlocking a door towards unconditional love. Website - Instagram 

IMG_2707 (1).jpeg

Laurie Skantzos

Colourful wall sculptures


Straight from Canada, Laurie presents colourful wall sculptures. The development of this body of intimately sized wall sculptures has acted as a form of meditation and self-awareness. She found over time that she could lose herself in the creation of each piece, while steadying her mind and emotions in colour play and paint application. Her process attempts to inject a metaphoric lightness into the work, as the application of fluorescent edges makes the pieces visually float. This creates a lively, dynamic dialogue between the work and the wall, between the art and its immediate context. The colourful reflection feels like an aura of optimism and resilience. Website - Instagram



Elegant sculptures


Karen was born in Leopoldville in 1959. Trained psychotherapist and artist, she lives and works in the Brussels periphery. The influence of her therapist’s training can be recognized as much in the pictorial works as in the sculptural works. Indeed, her works invite us in an internal and emotional way where the limits are not really defined. It's the forces of the unconscious that drive her. These fragile silhouette, secret and silent emerge without intention or project. It express the internal progress and the spiritual rise. Website - Instagram


Loraline de Liedekerke

Raw art & light


Symbiosis between Raw art and light. On wood first, then painted with a sand base and always inspired by nature (water, earth, fire), Loraline experiments mineral dust, natural pigments, and metals (copper, gold and steel) in order to create unique paintings with a very raw feel, that come to life in our interiors. 
Her passion for diffuse and indirect lights has pushed her to create this Artistic "Wall Light" that she named “Art-plique” combining her paintings with lights to create an attractive but also useful piece of art. Website - Instagram

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Caroline Theodor

paper art


Her haiku: 

The light resonates

I am a photographer

As my gaze wanders

Her motto: "Expressions in progress. There is no such thing as finished!". Amazed and fascinated by the beautiful things that surround us, she captures moments and details from singular angles. Her goal? Revealing what she perceives as "abstract" in the real world and to share her emotions with minimum details.

Website - Instagram

Zonder titel (Instagram-bericht (vierkant)) (Poster (staand)).png

Goedele Criel 

stone sculptures 


The journey to a final artwork, begins with the discovery of exceptional stones. Her works will come to life thanks to stones such as serpentine, alabaster and other stones that caught her attention. She creates abstract and elegant shapes that will evoke many feelings of admiration. 

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