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In February 2023, Affordable Art Fair Brussels returns for its 14th edition. An array of local, national and international galleries will showcase 1000s of affordable contemporary artworks, all priced under €7,500. There will be something for every space, taste and budget!

Affordable Art Fair 2023

We are participating!

An energy bomb is what Charline wants to bring to Ghent with her contemporary art gallery. By creating each month a unique exhibition with a mix of artists that accentuate each other. The aim is to represent inspiring artists, each with their unique stories. 

The gallery offers to each visitor a good portion of energy, culture and a BIG smile. 

Current Exhibition


EXHIBITION: 1.02.23 - 26.02.23
FINISSAGE: 23.02.23: 18:00 - 21:00

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-30 à 10.48.42.jpg

Helene De Smet

eye candy and soul food 


As an artist & psychologist, she creates big art pieces inspired by people's inner sparkle, intriguing personalities and their path of life. You can feel the strength and power but also the vulnerability in every work. You can see deep vains, sparkles and sometimes obstacles. Exclusive art full of chemistry and positive vibes. Gold & silver, black & white, subtle & fluo, mat & shiny, rough & refined. She uses lots of texture and unique techniques to get rare and deep 3D effects and a marbled shiny finish. The artworks are unique, exclusive and one-of-a-kind. The paintings are at the same time eye candy and soul food: they are an eyecatcher in every interior, but artistic at the same time. Website - Instagram 



sculpted painting 


His inspiration comes from a crystallization of his daydreams throughout his work. It could be described as the photo of a thought. Indeed, by playing on contrasts, he hopes to arouse an emotion and tell a story while letting his imagination guide him. The painting is therefore a work that will remain mysterious until the last brush stroke. 


Sophie Rubbens

artist of the fabrics 


At an early age she became fascinated by fabrics. She edits, models, sharpens, cuts and sews them together with other materials to make a work of art. This gives her peace and energy to go on. Each work reflects a personal story. Website - Instagram 



elegant sculptures 


Karen was born in Leopoldville in 1959. Trained psychotherapist and artist, she lives and works in the Brussels periphery. The influence of her therapist’s training can be recognized as much in the pictorial works as in the sculptural works. Indeed, her works invite us in an internal and emotional way where the limits are not really defined. It's the forces of the unconscious that drive her. These fragile silhouette, secret and silent emerge without intention or project. It express the internal progress and the spiritual rise. Website - Instagram


Isabelle Derecque

mirror artist


Isabelle Derecque's (1984) path starts at the College of Advertising & Design in Brussels. Strengthened by experiences and travels, espacially in London where she spent several months after her studies of Interior Architecture & Design, she developed a sensibility to light and gold leaf, the signature materials of her oeuvre. The choice to work with mirrors is not just a matter of aesthetics, but an invitation to look at the spaces that surround us, putting ourselves into perspective and creating our own stage. Pigments, lines of black and white vinyl or scalpel etchings and syringe paintings reflect a rigorous state of mind. But above all, Isabelle tells a poetic story from an architectural angle, visualized through geometry, perspectives, contrasts and reflections. Website - Instagram

Love Story.jpg

Vincent Rousseau

abstract couples


Stone, bronze, copper, steel, wood and glass. The material is a medium, chosen according to its expressive possibilities in relation to the subject.

The approach of Vincent is essentially to go beyond the representation of reality, or rather the appearance of this reality to say the essential in the simplicity of the form, to restore the spirit, the energy and the emotion in a play of volumes in tension in which straight lines, curves and counter-curves, full and empty dialogue, and which energize the space. And this reality sometimes becomes an abstraction. Website


Marie San Jose 

colored reality


“When feeling blue, all is see is a kind of umber.” Marie's paintings are an abstract expression of a neurological condition called Synesthesia. The Artist herself loves to call this a ‘union of the senses’. The colors witnessed on the canvas are a multi-sensory affair: colors are associated with or linked to words, time and space and also sounds. Music has a hue – like the parping of a trumpet that evokes a shower of orange. Numbers, letters, words, names and days of the week have their own shade: the number one is white, the letter L black and Monday is a sort of dark and mystic night blue. The latter also changes in brightness and contrast according to the hour. In others words, colors enable the artist to visualize time, to conceptualize spelling and to really see the art of sound. By harmonizing these colors on canvas, her paintings offer the viewer a platform where he/she/the can put on a special type of glasses and see the colored reality of the Artist. Instagram

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